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Awards and Recognition

2012 Award FUNDE

On 26 October, Immaculada Amat and Joana Amat received the FUNDE Award, Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Policies (VII edition). Awarded to Amat. in recognition of effective policies to reconcile family and professional life that has established the company with its staff.

2009 Gold Medal of the European Forum 2001

Immaculada Amat and Joana Amat have been awarded the pasat 6 of March, with the Gold Medal of the European Forum 2001, in the frame of celebration of XII anniversary of the Organization. The Medal is conceded to presidents of several institutions, liberal professionals, emblematic companies and personalities of the civil society that they have highlighted their professionalism, Europeanness and humanity.

2008 25th anniversary diploma of incorporation at The Bar Association of Barcelona

Immaculada Amat received the Diploma of Homage for the 25th anniversary of incorporation at The Bar Association of Barcelona. The Prize was given by the President The Bar Association, sr. Joan Ollé, and for the General Dr. of Housing of the Generalitat, sra. Carme Trilla.

2003 Family Institution and Business Prize

Amat. has been awarded the Family Institution and Business Prize, by the Association of Catalan Family Organisations, for its schemes and social action with special emphasis on the family. The prize was awarded by the President of the Catalan Government, Mr. Jordi Pujol.

2003 European Citizenship Award

Amat. received the European Citizenship Award, for its services to the public all over Europe in the real estate sector.

2003 FIDEM Prize

Ms. Inmaculada Amat and Ms. Joana Amat received the FIDEM (6th edition) Prize awarded to Amat. in recognition of the company’s longstanding business tradition.

2000 Quality Certificate ISO

Amat. one of the first companies in the Spanish Real Estate sector to have been awarded an ISO 9002 in 2000. In 2003 it was improved with the obtaining of the current ISO 9001 in order to adapt oneself to the new European regulations of certification. And finally, in 2007 it was broadened for all the area of Estates Administration.

1999 Francesc Macià Medal

Concepció Amigó was awarded the Francesc Macià Medal, which the Catalan Government awards in recognition of people’s meritorious dedication, perseverance and initiative in their work on Amat.